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The Centre for Stereotactic Radiosurgery (CSR) is specially designed with patients’ healing and comfort in mind. CSR encompasses all cancer treatment modalities and brings together a team of renowned radiation oncologists, radiotherapists, physicists & nurses all under one roof, so that they can give you the best treatment possible.

Clinically designed for maximum integration, it features a one-stop center where patients can have their consultations, planning imaging (CT/MRI), radiotherapy and chemotherapy infusions all within the same elegant space in comfort and care.

We provide Comprehensive Cancer Care from Diagnosis and Treatment, to Support and Beyond

360° Tour of the Centre for Stereotactic Radiosurgery

We have created a 360° tour of the Centre for Stereotactic Radiosurgery for so that you can get an in depth view of our facilities and technology before you arrive.

Our Radiotherapy Facility

Built upon the Elekta Infinity platform with Agility high resolution beam shaping technology, CSR’s radiosurgical platform is purpose-built with the full suite of the latest tools vital for high quality SRS and SBRT, including high dose rate Flattening Filter Free capability (FFF) for faster and sharper beams, 6D HexaPOD robotic couch for precise patient positioning with six degrees of freedom, and the Elekta Active Breathing Coordinator for respiratory motion management.

For every radiotherapy treatment, our patients can choose to create a different environment by selecting the color of the preferred planetarium lights as well as curate their favourite music artistes playlist to accompany them during their treatment.


Our Chemotherapy Facility

Our patients are treated in the privacy of their own room so that they can receive undisturbed treatment and rest. Our chemotherapy rooms are located within the same level as our other facilities, giving our patients access to urgent care when needed.

We have also prepared a complimentary basket of crackers, nuts, green tea and coffee as well as a pair of socks for our patients during their treatments.


Our Waiting Area

Our waiting area is spaciously designed with luxurious seats so that family and friends of patients can wait in comfort. We have also provided complimentary drink sachets and crackers to make the wait more pleasant.

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